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Evenemangs-serie Evenemangs-serie: MIM: Karui Honkakoski

Mim: Kauri Honkakoski Spinnstudion

måndag, 30 september kl. 10:1511:45

V40 Daglig Träning/Daily Training


Mån/Mon: 10:15-11:45 Spinnstudion

Tis/Tue-Ons/Wed: 10:15-11:45 Ärlegården

KAURI HONKAKOSKI Kauri Honkakoski (they / them) is a Physical Theatre practitioner and a Corporeal Mime artist from Helsinki. Their style is known for combining universally human themes with emotional intensity and rich physical expression. Honkakoski trained in Corporeal Mime for seven years with Theatre de L’Ange Fou in London, and has run Kauri Honkakoski Company since 2015. www.kaurihonkakoskicompany.com 

IN CLASS This morning class focuses on preparing your body for the day, connecting with your physical imagination and getting your creative juices flowing. Our creative framework will be the art and technique of Corporeal Mime, one of the pioneering forces in European physical theatre. We will explore musicality of movement, physical articulation and counterweights of action. We will make use of technical exercises, guided improvisation and Corporeal Mime repertoire. 

AIMED FOR: Performing arts professionals and students. Actors, mimes, dancers, directors, choreographers. PARTICIPANTS: max 40 LENGTH: 3 days / 1,5 hrs per day

I samarbete med Gbg Mimefest!


måndag, 30 september
10:15 – 11:45
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