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Evenemangs-serie Evenemangs-serie: Contemporary: Sarah Stanley

Contemporary: Sarah Stanley

tisdag, 13 augusti kl. 12:3014:00

V33 Sommarträning/Summertraining!


Mån/Mon-Tor/Thu: 12:30-14:00

SARAH STANLEY is originally from Houston, Texas, Sarah Stanley is a dance artist and Ilan Lev Methodpractitioner based in Stockholm, SE. She received her training from SUNY Purchase (USA) and Taipei National University for the Arts (Taiwan). Sarah has been based in New York, Berlin and Stockholm where she has worked with Örjan Andersson, Jefta Van Dinther, Punchdrunk’s Immersive production Sleep No More, Kat Válastur, Moritz Majce+Sandra Man, Sigal Zouk, Gloria Höckner, Tiago Manquinho, John Heginbotham and Andrea Miller among others. As a teacher, Sarah has led workshops in Sweden, Germany, The USA and as a cultural ambassador with the US Department of State in Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines. Sarah has been developing her own work since 2011 including Inscriptions (New York), Folia (Texas) and Wayward Wind (Wyoming). Sarah is a certified Ilan Lev Method practitioner and movement teacher, completing her studies with Yaniv Mintzer and Ilan Lev through ILM Poland under the mentorship of Tzéela Rinsky.

IN CLASS this class focuses on clearing and clarifying movement pathways in the body so that we can work with ease while cultivating greater function and quality of motion as we dance. Ilan Lev Method is a playful, somatic approach which gives the body a chance to expand its perception of what it can accomplish, physically and energetically. We unlock the breath, drop the seriousness and cultivate our curiosity, which allows us to become more adaptable, clear and conscious in movement.

We begin with ILM research exercises in which we use resting forces like leaning and falling to send our bodies into motion with the aid of rich imagery. Gradually increasing the complexity, range and speed of movement we find possibilities to ride what we’ve generated further into space. We take these principles into improvisation, transforming our approach to familiar forms and coordinations as we explore the expansive potential of our physical form. Playing with the body as a vessel for movement to pass through, we experience more clarity, efficiency and possibility with less effort.


tisdag, 13 augusti
12:30 – 14:00


Danscentrum Väst