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On Touching Space

In the workshop ”On touching space” we will explore movement tasks using language and space. The first part of the workshop will focus on working with movement and the room, by three types of language: Describing, instructing and naming. By introducing three specific movement tasks that Hugo and Karen have used to develop their previous performances, the participants are invited to explore language and movement intertwined. We will focus on describing and instructing both our own and others movements, and thereafter, our surroundings.  

The second part of the workshop moves away from use of language, and starts to engage with movement, voice and space in a different way. Participants are invited to take part of some of the scores and tasks that we are currently exploring in our new project. These are more concerned with touching space in “illusionary” ways, considering that there might be something in the air between us – frequencies, vibrations, rhythms, tensions, etc. We will lead you through some delicious movement and voice tasks based on the idea of the space touching us back. We are looking forward to sharing our research and getting your inputs!

THURSDAY MAY 25th at 3-6 PM. @Ärlegården.

Kostnadsfritt för medlemmar.

Ej medlem: 150 kr.