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Konstnärsnämndens internationella dansresidens

Den 22 maj – 2 juni äger årets första KID-residens rum hos oss. Residenset tilldelades Hugo Hedberg som bjudit in Karen Eide Bøen från Norge.

Hugo Hedberg and Karen Eide Bøens work as a duo is founded on a shared artistic interests, which include everyday movement, choreography of text and language, but also a strong working chemistry. Our collaboration itself is the basis of our current project “Pleasure doing business”. The project marks our third dance piece together and this time we are exploring methods of collaboration, working relationships and chemistry. We aim to investigate the connections and energies between ourselves and our collaborators, including local artists, and welcome different energies, opinions, and group dynamics into the creative process. 

Hugo Hedberg and Karen Eide Bøen began collaborating as fellow students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Their first project “To See Yourself From The Outside” premiered in Oslo in 2017 and has since been shown at the Young Choreographers festival in Copenhagen, Weld in Stockholm and at Lydgalleriet in Bergen. Their latest project “Frank & Elena” premiered at Weld in Stockholm in 2019 and has later been presented at Scenehuset in Oslo, Cornerteatret in Bergen and Rosendal Teater in Trondheim. 

Website: https://hugoandkaren.tumblr.com