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Konstnärsnämndens internationella residens (KID)

KID är förkortningen av Konstnärsnämndens internationella residens som genomförs i samarbete med Danscentrum Väst och Konstepidemin. Residenset vänder sig till en i Sverige verksam danskonstnär som får möjlighet att bjuda in en internationell gäst att arbeta tillsammans med under två veckor. Residensinnehavare den 20 juni till den 3 juli är Jennie Bergsli.

Aurore d’Audiffre(FR), Molly Enblom (SE) and Jennie Bergsli (SE/NO) met during their studies in dance and performance at Stockholm University Of the Arts and are now in the beginning of their first project together. As a group we have common interests in dances that cares for the relational, for the sensitivities that emerged between bodies – the poetics, rhythmical and absurd. We have a great interest in collective work and in allowing material to grow out of practicing and dancing as a group. From following our desires, we let the unchronological and affective we experience while dancing together inform our choreographic choices.

During this residency we will continue to deepen dance and text practices that deals with spatial fictions we experience in the quotidian. We ask how an assembly of micronarratives overlap each other, and how gaps and shifts between them can create its own logic and rhythm. This project departs from the working title tasting caves and will eventually be a dance performance for and with Hallen in Farsta/Stockholm during 2023.