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KID-residens: The Meatlump

Konstnärsnämndens internationella dansresidens (KID) genomförs hos Danscentrum Väst på Ärlegården den 11 – 20 mars 2022.                     The Meatlump is a newly established dance collective, by dancer and choreographer Julie Rasmussen (DK), Maren Fidje Bjørneseth (NO), Rickard Fredborg (SE).The trio works individually and collectively very broadly within the performance and dance field. The artists has each their own unique and profound way of approaching, embodying and expressing their artistry and creative ideas. Yet, still the ability to intertwine and merge to create new exciting hybrids within their collaborative work.

The performance The Meatlump is sprung out from another performance, UMWELT by Julie Rasmussen, as a short section where both Maren and Rickard also danced, which now serves as a starting point in creative process. The Meatlump has the potential to convey a powerful message of intimacy, vulnerability and our insatiable hunger for more. We are now further exploring and developing its physical capabilities and evolution, and diving deep into its characteristics and psyche.