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Workshops med Rachel Tess

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Workning with Props: Tisdag 8 december kl 18:00-21:00

Precis före sommaruppehållet höll Rachel Tess en uppskattad workshop online. Nu gör vi en repris men off line, dvs på plats på Ärlegården. Antalet deltagare är begränsat till 7 personer.

What are the objects we chose to have with us when dancing or choreographing? How do we relate to them with our bodies, what do they represent, and how do they create intended and unintended meaning? Through the workshop ‘Working with props’ we will use what we have in the rooms we are in, the rooms we spend time in continuously – every day objects – in combination with movement practices to question and understand the notion of scenic elements in dance and choreography.

Last Dances:  Torsdag 10 december kl 18:00-21:00 Antalet deltagare är begränsat till 7 personer.

In this workshop we will work with methods form the last group work I made ”Last Dances” at Dansk Dansteater. This will be exploring the creations of solos framed as the last dance one will ever do.

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